Halo Collegiate League (HCL)

Welcome to season 1 of the Halo Collegiate League (HCL) Tournament.

What is it?

The Halo Collegiate League (HCL) is a league specifically designed for non-professional collegiate Halo players from around the country to compete in a fun, but competitive, tournament.

It is structured as a 2v2 round robin, where each team will play a best-of-five series each week. This will be followed by a double-elimination seeded tournament cup to declare the season winner.

When is it?

The tournament will start the week of November 21st, and will continue on each consecutive Saturday until the season concludes. Each team will be responsible to agree upon a match time on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday of each week, so a referee can be present.

This tournament will span over 8 weeks, but may increase depending on how many teams register.


2v2 Hardcore TS: 25 points. 15 minutes. BR starts only. 110% Damage Modifier. 110% speed modifier. Radar disabled. Default settings for everything else.

For each match, it is best of 5. In the event of a tie game, it is counted as neither team won. In the event of a tie match, the teams must play one more game indicated by the schedule. All teams will play a minimum of 14 games over the course of the tournament.

We are hosting the tournament on PC, and be managed on Discord.

Round-Robin best of three: 

Round 1: Guardian, Narrows, Construct (tie-breaker Amplified)

Round 2: Construct, Amplified, Pit (tie-breaker Heretic)

Round 3: Pit, Heretic, Narrows (tie-breaker Construct)

Round 4: Narrows, Construct, Amplified (tie-breaker Pit)

Round 5: Amplified, Pit, Heretic (tie-breaker Narrows)

Round 6: Heretic, Guardian, Pit (tie-breaker Amplified)

Round 7: Guardian, Construct, Narrows (tie-breaker Heretic)

Double-elimination Finals (best of three):

Winner’s Bracket:

Round 1: Amplified, Pit, Heretic (tie-breaker Narrows)

Round 2: Pit, Heretic, Narrows (tie-breaker Construct)

Semifinals: Guardian, Construct, Narrows (tie-breaker Heretic)

Finals: Heretic, Guardian, Pit (tie-breaker Amplified)

Finals round 2 (if necessary): Narrows, Construct, Amplified (tie-breaker Pit)

Loser’s Bracket:

Round 1: Pit, Heretic, Narrows (tie-breaker Construct)

Round 2: Heretic, Guardian, Pit (tie-breaker Amplified)

Round 3: Guardian, Construct, Narrows (tie-breaker Heretic)

Round 4: Construct, Amplified, Pit (tie-breaker Heretic)

What are the rules?

No check-in is required, but any player or team that does not join within 15 minutes of their first match (1:00 pm EST) or within 15 minutes of every bracket update will be disqualified.

Higher seed hosts each match.

Reporting Match Results:

Players can report match results in the reporting section of the HCL Discord Server: https://discord.gg/njt5n8U

Be sure to take photos of match results in order to have proof in the case of a dispute.

What is the buy-in, and what will we win?

Buy-ins will be $20 per person ($40) per team for the entire season. We know this is a higher buy-in than some, but as this will be spanning a number of weeks, we want to make sure that that end prize pot will be worth investing your time.

The Prize pool will be structured as follows:

**Payouts demonstrated below are based on a 20 team tournament, if a different number of teams register, the payouts will scale appropriately**

1st – $500

2nd – $80

3rd – $60

How do I register?

You can register for this tournament here (each member of the team needs to register individually):