With Titanfall 2 just about to release, the guys give a quick preview of what to expect from the fast-paced shooter. They also discuss the recent news that Bethesda will no longer provide pre-release copies which means no reviews…unless you’re a streamer.

This Week’s Topics

  • Titanfall 2: With the game just about to release, the guys share their hopes and expectations for the highly anticipated sequel. Will the single-player be a step above the original? Will the multiplayer community stick around?
  • Microsoft Event: Microsoft unveiled some cool new updates for Windows 10 and Xbox One, included built-in streaming.
  • Is Bethesda anti-consumer?:¬†Bethesda joined 2K Games in enacting a policy of not providing pre-release copies of their games. By extension, this means no more pre-release reviews. However, there appear to be exceptions for popular streamers and YouTubers. Is this anti-consumer?


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