Mark and John tackle the issue of how our perceptions of a game or a series can drastically impact the success of a new release. Why did Battlefield 4 have, and grow, an enormous player base while No Man’s Sky was empty within a week?

Also, discussion about the remastered Assassin’s Creed 2 and a new Titanfall 2 map is incoming.

This Week’s Topics
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Collection: Due to some very curious decisions, some things that should’ve been remastered weren’t while other’s were. The graphics seem to be slightly upgraded but the most noticeable thing from what we’ve seen is lighting.
  • Titanfall 2: We discuss the impending release of the first Titanfall 2 DLC map as well as their entire free DLC strategy that we are fans of.
  • Gamer Perception: How much does gamer perception impact the success or failure of a game? On one hand you have a game like Battlefield 4, that had a huge amount of issues, that recovered OK and the brand has grown stronger than ever. On the other hand you have a game like No Man’s Sky, which had enormous aspirations and was a media darling that crashed and burned not long after launch due to failing to meet expectations. How much of a lasting impact of No Man’s Sky have on gaming and did it set back other potential AAA third-party games back by years? We aim to find out.
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