Episode 15 is out! This week we pass our judgement on Titanfall 2, try and make sense of Phil Spencer’s latest Project Scorpio comments, and discuss what makes a video game.

This Week’s Topics
  • Titanfall 2: The sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s FPS/mech is no longer an Xbox One exclusive. With a revamped single-player and the same focused multi-player, we definitely think it’s worth your time.
  • Project Scorpio & VR: In a recent interview, Xbox head Phil Spencer cast doubt on whether VR would be coming to the upgraded Xbox One next year.
  • What is a video game?: With the rise of so-called “walking simulators” like Firewatch, Virginia, and Gone Home, just to name a few, the definition of what is and isn’t a video game is being blurred. We try and find an answer.
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