And so ends the 630 minute roller-coaster that we call Westworld Season 1. We’ve had plenty of questions answered and just as many new ones asked. Here are our instant reactions¬†before tomorrow’s Dreamless Slumber.

Spoilers to follow!

What we learned

  • William is the Man in Black: It’s been the theory all season, it was heavily hinted at last week, and now it’s confirmed. After Dolores was let loose from the camp, William hunted for her, hardening his character, and finally becoming ruthless. In Sweetwater an encounter with a rebuilt Dolores where she didn’t recognize him completed the process.
  • Dolores was Wyatt: Wyatt has been the boogeyman that William and Teddy had been chasing but he didn’t exist. It was revealed that “The Incident” 35 years prior was really a massacre perpetrated by Dolores because…
  • Arnold tried to sabotage the park: Sensing Dolores and the others were “real,” Arnold created an incident he hoped would scuttle the park, culminating with a murder/suicide carried out by Dolores.
  • Maeve wasn’t so free: After resurrecting Bernard, he points out to her that everything she’s doing is part of an update in her code. However, by the end she seemed to be going off loop to search for her child.
  • Samurai World: Fans had been wondering if, like the movie, there would be other parks and now we know there’s at least one other, Samurai World. New season, new settings?
  • Multiple timelines: This was 99% confirmed last week but we now know for certain that the show jumped timelines and Dolores was retracing her steps.
  • Deadliest host: With the kill count that Armistice racked up, she’s tied for first place with Dolores on the Host Most Wanted list.

What we didn’t learn

  • Where Elsie and Stubbs are at: There’s still some doubt about the fate of Elsie, and Stubbs’ story seems to be left hanging. Will they come back in Season 2?
  • What the new story was: Maybe it was just me, but it seems like we still don’t know what the new plot was beyond the small bit at the end with Teddy.
  • Who changed Maeve’s code: Someone changed her code and was planning on getting her out of the park, with apparently hostile intent, but who and why?
  • What Ford has planned: Morally questionable the entire season, the finale ended with a shocking scene of Dolores re-enacting The Incident by killing Ford and Delos board members. But why?

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