Two new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailers come out that we analyze. And in the wake of President Trump’s election, we discuss the wide range of implications his policies will have on technology.

What’s Inside

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda trailers: A pair of trailers were released on Thursday giving us a bunch of new Andromeda information. We learn about a new antagonist, Archon, and his ship “the Scorch.” Also there’s more information about the Andromeda Initiative and the Pathfinders.
  • President Trump, the FCC, and more: Now officially President, we discuss the impact that Donald Trump will have on technology policy. His new FCC chair, Ajit Pai, has a track record of anti-consumer policies which will likely signal the end of Net Neutrality. Also, a rumored 20% tariff on imports from Mexico, and possible 45% tax on goods from Asia may lead to steep price increases on games and software.


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