This week heralded the return of the Mass Effect series in the massively anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. How does it hold up after significant play time, especially considering the negative press? And there was a supposed leak of the Destiny 2 release date. What does Bungie need to do to win back us and the skeptics?

What’s Inside

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch: After waiting what seems like forever, Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally here. This game is a huge undertaking as it is a follow up to one of the most revered gaming franchises ever, and takes the series to an entire new universe with all new characters. There is a lot of good and some bad that we discuss. Was the move to take the franchise to a new galaxy a good move? Why has this game received a disproportionately large amount of criticism and negative press?
  • Destiny 2 leak: An Italian retailer leaked some promotional materials showing Destiny 2 of having an alleged release this year. The leak also points out an upcoming beta, which is rumored to be PS4 only. What does Destiny 2 need to do to bring players back?


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