This episode we go over the latest Marvel blockbuster sensation, Black Panther. It has done extraordinarily well, grossing huge amounts in the box office, as well as universally rave reviews. But is it as good as everyone says? Does it live up to the hype?

We then review, and give our thoughts on, the Sea of Thieves Beta. Sea of Thieves is an upcoming game, made by Rare, that is a completely online multiplayer pirate game. The game has looked great in concept, but how does it hold up to actual playtime?

In between those we debut our new featured segment, Shanghai Surprise. After finally watching it, John blindsides Mark with thoughts and a general review of the Netflix sensation Stranger Things.

What’s Inside

  • Black Panther: Marvel has just release their latest sensation to rave reviews and surprising success. At the time of this writing the movie is cruising to top $1 billion in worldwide box office. For comparison, this would put it well above another recent release Thor: Ragnarok. However, there is a suspicious amount of people praising the movie and seemingly few with any criticism. Is that warranted, is the movie that good? Or is there something else at play? We both agree that while it is a decent movie, it isn’t as flawless as the reviews/hype and box office numbers suggest. While we are excited that Marvel’s first movie with a predominantly non-White cast has been so universally embraced, it objectively has some shortcomings. Some of these are pacing, character development, and plot holes. All that being said, it is still a solid movie and worth seeing, showcasing some great acting and effects, among others. However, it is probably for the best that expectations are tempered and kept realistic. Give the show a listen for our in-depth thoughts!
  • Featured Segment: Shanghai Surprise: This episode we debut a new featured segment. Shanghai Surprise is essentially a surprise topic sprung on one host from the other. In this instance, John surprises Mark with thoughts/discussion on Stranger Things. John finally got around to watching it, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but questions if the fanaticism is deserved.
  • Sea of Thieves Beta: We just got our hands on the Beta test for the upcoming game Sea of ThievesWe both had pretty high expectations for it, as what has been released has looked great. After putting in some time we can confirm that it does, for the most part, live up to the hype. It is addictingly fun, giving players the option to do missions (like finding treasure or hunting undead skeletons), or battle it out with other players/ships for control of the high seas. It seems to both live up to the hype as well as offer something for everyone. But a potential issue could be a lack of added content and long term developer support. If handled correctly, this might be the game to get the once great studio, Rareback into the spotlight.
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