We have a cacophony of gaming news this week. We got trailers for the much-anticipated Wolfenstein Youngblood, and Borderlands 3. With both having a renowned pedigree, hopefully they can hold up to the brilliance of their latest entries.

With what is apparently the new norm, we have another gaming development controversy. This time the issues are coming from inside of Bioware and the development of Anthem. What is going on in the industry that is causing all of this chaos? What changes need to be made? Can things be turned around sooner rather than later?

We wrap things up with a dive into the new Joker trailer. Joaquin Phoenix has some pretty big (clown)shoes to fill. Does the trailer look to hold up to it’s pedigree? Will it prove to a diamond in the rough with the much-maligned DC Universe movies? Give it a listen!

What’s Inside

      • Wolfenstein Youngblood: We finally have a trailer! Wolfenstein Youngblood picks up a good deal in the future from Wolfenstein II, this time centered around Jess and Sophia Blazkowicz, instead of the familiar BJ. What we know about the plot so far: the well-known hero BJ Blazkowicz is missing and it’s up to his two ass-kicking daughters, using his old equipment to track him down and save him. The game appears to be centered in France, and is the first Wolfenstein game where you will be able to play cooperative campaign. On top of that, if you buy the top version of the game you get a code where you can have a friend play for free. It certainly looks to continue the amazing chaotic game play from the former entries
      • Borderlands 3: There aren’t many franchises around that have been waiting for a main title entry as long as Borderlands. The last entry was Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which was very well received, but decidedly not a main entry to the franchise. The trailer boasted an insane amount of guns, including robotic ones that could run around on their own, and the iconic cell-shaded graphics. From what we’ve seen it definitely looks to bring back everything that we love. We can’t wait to see more.
      • Bioware Controversy: We have yet another big scandal in the gaming industry, this time involving the beloved Bioware. It turns out the development around Anthem was about as far from healthy as you can get. Employees leaving due to stress; Heads of the game leaving; Indecisive management; Forced to use a game engine (Frostbite) they had no training or support for. A little something for everyone. What is going on in the game industry? First Rockstar, now Bioware, is the industry we all love completely unhealthy for the creators?
      • First Joker trailer: The first trailer for the DC Universe solo movie Joker was finally released. This movie is inherently on unstable footing because the latest portrayal of The Joker, by Heath Ledger, is one of the most iconic and amazing roles in film history. And going even further back, Jack Nicholson‘s portayal, albeit very different, was incredible in it’s own way. It is no small task for Joaquin Phoenix to overcome. The movie appears to be taking a very dark, gritty, and intimate take on the Joker‘s origin story. So far, the trailer looks promising, and Joaqiun has a pretty decent crazy clown laugh. Hopefully the future trailers and the movie itself will hold up to expectations.
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