Activision’s investor call proved to be an unlikely source of gaming news last week when they dropped hints about the next Call of Duty. They also revealed some new information about their other tentpole franchise, Destiny 2.

Ubisoft’s newest IP, For Honor, released this week and we share our thoughts on this hybrid fighting/MOBA .

What’s Inside

  • Call of Duty 2017: Activision revealed that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare again failed to live up to expectations despite otherwise strong sales. After repeated attempts at futuristic settings, they said that the franchise will “return to its roots” with a rumored Vietnam installment. But can the series actually handle a much less black-and-white war?
  • Destiny 2: Despite constant griping, Destiny is still one of the most played franchises and it’s no surprise that Destiny 2 is on its way in 2017. Not many details other than a rumored reboot of the gameplay and addition of PC support.
  • For Honor: Lastly, we follow-up on an article posted earlier in the week with more discussion of For Honor.


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