Ubisoft released the open beta for the highly anticipated Ghost Recon Wildlands, which releases on March 7, and we share our initial impressions after some 4-player co-op mayhem. Plus, we’ve got some Overwatch character news and Gamestop overhauls the “Circle of Life” program.

What’s Inside

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands: After a few installments pushed the Ghosts perilously close to sci-fi territory, Ghost Recon returns a more ground setting more reminiscent of Don Winslow’s Power of the Dog than Halo. Wildlands takes players to Bolivia, now a narco-state, in an open-world setting with up to four players. Only a few hours in but we’re already hooked.
  • New Overwatch character: The Overwatch news cycle is spinning up against with Blizzard dropping hints on Twitter and in the test realms about a new character. Does this mark the appearance of the 3rd Doomfist (“The Successor”) or, as Jeff Kaplan suggested, someone fans aren’t expecting?
  • “Circle of Life” is revamped: We spent some time on Gamestop’s controversial sales metric program, “Circle of Life,” on Alpha Build Ep. 26 but since then they’ve made some changes. Most notably, the individual metrics have been abandoned in favor of just store ratings and the inclusion of new games into the evaluation process.


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