In a pre-E3 announcement, Microsoft unveiled an interesting new game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, for the enticing price of $10 a month. Also, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai reaffirmed that the agency will continue to rollback Obama era Net Neutrality protections beginning with expansion of so-called “zero-rating.” Plus we talk new graphics cards, Guardians of the Galaxy, and plenty more.

What’s Inside

  • Xbox Game Pass: Taking aim at services like EA Access, Microsoft announced their in-house games subscription service called “Xbox Game Pass.” Costing $10 a month, users can download games from a rotating catalog of Microsoft first-party, and some third-party, games. If you decide to purchase a game from the Pass you’ll get 20% off and 10% off add-ons.
  • FCC renews attacks on Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai explicitly re-stated his intent to roll back Net Neutrality protections during hearings on “zero-rating.” Zero-rating allows carriers to sign agreements with companies so that their data doesn’t count against data caps, assuming the company pays. Claiming that it’s pro-consumer, the policies begin the process of paid prioritization or push users towards more expensive unlimited plans.


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