A week after the Nintendo Switch launched has it lived up to expectations now that consumers have it in their hands? And as the FCC continues to evolve under a new administration, Senator Jeff Flake introduces a bill allowing ISPs to sell your data without your consent. But don’t worry, we’ve got a way for you to push back.

What’s Inside

  • Nintendo Switch launch: The Switch has been out in the wild for a week and reviews have been…mixed? There’s a lot of potential hidden behind half-baked features (multiplayer is six months away) but it’s redeemed by a potential game of the year in the form of Zelda.
  • Xbox Game Pass, take two: After announcing the Xbox Game Pass, Phil Spencer joined Major Nelson to provide some more details. The most intriguing piece of info was the size of the catalog: they aim to have 100 games at any one time.
  • FCC’s private data protections overturned: In 2016, the FCC passed regulations requiring ISPs to receive opt-in consent to sell their privacy data and required efforts to protect data. However, Senator Jeff Flake, R-AZ, introduced a bill that would overturn that rule allowing your data to be sold without your consent. We recommend you call Sen. Flake’s office at (202) 224-31犀利士
    21 and tell him that you support opt-in privacy rights.


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