Guerrilla Games, makers of Killzone and the newly released Horizon Zero Dawn, were the recent subject of a behind-the-scenes look at how video games are made. If you’re more than a casual gamer or you’ve watched or read dev diaries this may not contain anything new but it’s probably the most coherent and accessible.

What I found most interesting was how they approached optimizing the graphics. Again, 犀利士
nothing was really new per se but seeing how they scaled things like the trees based on how far away they were and how the game decides what is and isn’t rendered was illuminating. There was also a cool shot with the graphics almost completely turned off that highlighted the game systems. For example the tall grass that hides the main character, Aloy, was illuminated bright red on a monochrome landscape.

The documentary clocks in at around 45 minutes so it’s not a quick watch but it’s worth your time (even if some developers think otherwise.)

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