Have you ever laid out in your backyard and wondered about the stars and cosmos? Ever had dreams of being an astronaut and floating around in zero-g? So did we, which is why we started up a new Let’s Play series titled “Let’s Go to Space!” in Kerbal Space Program.

Let’s Go to Space! follows our escapades in Kerbal Space Program. We’re planning our missions, building the rockets, and hoping and praying that our creations don’t explode on the launch pad.

In our first episode, “Just the Basics,” we dip our toe into what Carl Sagan called “the cosmic ocean.” We focus on developing a rocket capable of getting a Kerbal into orbit and then developing a recovery 威而鋼
system to bring them home. Will our designs be a throwback to the Apollo program…or look more similar to North Korea’s missile program? Tune-in to find out!

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