In a bit of somewhat surprising news Nintendo announced that it would no longer be shipping new NES Classic Editions. The final units produced will be hitting stores in April and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The NES Classic Edition was itself a bit of surprise. Nothing more than a basic emulator housed in an NES case, the Classic Edition nevertheless was met with immediate success. In fact it was so popular that even months after its release consumers still struggle to find one in stock.

That success makes the decision to discontinue it all the more baffling. This is a device that’s nearly pure profit that’s in high demand. Was Nintendo afraid that it might cannibalize the equally strong Nintendo Switch sales? Does Nintendo have a new version, perhaps an SNES or N64, in the works? Or is it simply what Reggie Fils-Amie said, that it was always intended to be a limited edition device and the run is over?

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