This week came with a good amount of news and a significant controversy. Microsoft finally gave us real specs for Project Scorpio. With already high expectations, we go over where it currently lands. We give our review of the new Ghost In The Shell movie that just released. It has received mixed results as some purists are unimpressed, are those justified? Persona 5 got it’s US release and it has been marred with a PR nightmare as the developer is going after streamers. Are there any streamers rights?

What’s Inside

  • Microsoft releases official Scorpio details: After months of speculation and alleged leaks, Microsoft has finally release official Scorpio specs. The specs show that it is far and away going to be the most powerful console ever. One specific stat they threw around is that it was able to run a Forza tech demo at 60fps in 4K. Does this new release mean we will have a native 4K console? Does the jump in power signify a new generation? What is the future of Xbox? They announced the official unveiling will be at the Microsoft E3 event.
  • Ghost In The Shell review:  The Ghost In The Shell movie adaptation has had a rough launch. One popular criticism comes from veteran fans and purists. Some feel that it doesn’t do the source material justice. Adaptations can have a tough balance to strike in making fans happy and making it approachable enough to appeal to everyone. How does it strike this balance? Is it worth seeing or is it just the newest victim of failed adaptations?
  • Persona 5 dispute and Streamers rights: The long awaited US PS4 release of Persona 5 has finally come, but not without issues. The game’s developer, Atlus, has taken a hard line against streamers threatening copyright takedowns if they show gameplay past a certain point. We all know that streaming lies in a bit of a legal gray area, but should they be able to do that? Should studios be more accomodating to streamers as they get free advertisement? Are there any real streamers rights?


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