In a rare win for us, The Last Jedi trailer was released before we recorded so the guys spend some timing watching and discussing each frame. Also, why does Hollywood feel the need to keep whitewashing roles? Why isn’t there more diversity?

What’s Inside

  • The Last Jedi trailer: Eagerly anticipated since The Force Awakens credits began to roll, The Last Jedi trailer was released at the annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. We get to hear our first line of dialog from Luke in then new trilogy, a look at Rey beginning her training, and some crazy new vehicles.
  • Hollywood whitewashing:  Ghost in the Shell proved to be the latest in a string of Hollywood films accused of whitewashing its main character, The Major. It joins the ranks of Dr. Strange, The Great Wall, and countless other films released in the last year or two. Why does Hollywood continue to cast white actors/actresses to play non-white characters and what can we do to fix it?
  • News Round-up: In our weekly news round-up we have an update on “Right to Repair” laws, Microsoft announces digital game refunds, and rumors of a return to the KOTOR universe.


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