After the recent tragic events in the US, we took a minute to lighten the mood and discuss our favorite games to beat up on Nazis. Whether it was a classic like Wolfenstein or something more recent like Company of Heroes, we weigh in.

In the second installment of our Deadliest Character series we compare two well known Nazi hunters, Indiana Jones and B.J. Blazkowicz of Wolfenstein fame. Does the seemingly mild-mannered archeologist win out over our muscle-bound WW2 hero?

Finally, we chat about the new AMD graphics cards that were released last week and what the current state of the GPU market looks like.

What’s Inside

  • Punchin’ Nazis: WWII is probably the most well known video game setting and for good reason. It stands as eternal tale of good defeating horrible evil. So after neo-Nazis violently attacked protestors in Charlottesville, VA, we took a minute to chat about what’s the best game to visit some (virtual) violence on these a-holes.
  • Deadliest Character:  This week’s match-up is between Professor Indiana Jones and the hero of the Wolfenstein series, B.J. Blazkowicz. Where Indiana Jones has the edge in the brains department, BJ has the muscle to punch his way out. Max and John stake out their respective positions and debate who they’d put their money on.

  • New GPUs: AMD recently released their newest GPUs aimed at Nvidia’s 10 Series. Although tracking closely in price, AMD seems interested in making a play for the mid-range market with competitive pricing. But with Bitcoin mining operations squeezing demand and Nvidia’s CEO openly suggesting increased prices for their next GPU series, what’s it all mean for PC gamers?
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