The world’s largest gaming convention, Gamescom 2017, wrapped up in Cologne, Germany this week. While it may not have rivaled E3’s announcements we still got plenty of news.

We’ve also got a collection of bargain bin games for you to consider in our new segment, The Bargain Bin, if you’re in need of some cheap thrills before the fall gaming onslaught hits.

What’s Inside

  • Gamescom 2017: We weren’t expecting too many announcements at Gamescom, but we were still pleasantly surprised to see a few new games make an appearance. Our favorite new game is probably the new Age of Empires game developed by Company of Heroes developer Relic Entertainment. Also notable was a Jurassic Park theme park builder and the Xbox One X finally going up for pre-order.
  • The Bargain Bin:  We introduce a new segment this week focused on gaming on a budget. To kick things off we take a look at Castleminer Z, a Minecraft type game that can be found for between $1-$4, as well as a free-to-play CS:GO clone called The Black Squad.
  • H3H3Productions wins lawsuit: Fair Use rights for YouTubers got a big win recently after H3H3 Productions won their lawsuit.
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