We experienced record lows in summer movies this year. It had one of the worst slate of movies to release, along with a downturn in tickets sold to go along with it. What’s going on? Daniel Craig is coming back for the next James Bond movie. However, this may be his last. Who should follow in his footsteps for future movies? Plus, John and Mark talk Call of Duty: World War II following the closed beta.

What’s Inside

  • Record lows in summer movies: The downturn in movies this summer has a lot of potential causes but some very visible affects. One reason is the very mixed bag of releases, where there didn’t seem to be a middle ground. There were huge hits like Spider-Man: Homecoming  and Dunkirk to name a few. Then bombs like The Dark Tower  and The Emoji Movie. There was also a lack of good family movies outside of Despicable Me 3 that could easily lead to the slump. As well as rises in the quality of TV like the hugely popular Game of Thrones. Domestic profits are down and international is up. Why? We discuss and explain in length.
  • Who should be the next Bond: Daniel Craig recently revealed that he will reprise the role of James Bond in 2019. But, he has in the past had harsh comments on continuing the role and this film may be his last. Who should take the role after his (assumed) departure? Should they be British? A known quantity, or more of an unknown / up-and-coming actor? Should they go with a young or old Bond with the next actor? We have a healthy debate on some options but agree that Michael Fassbender would be an excellent choice.
  • Call of Duty: World War II: Following the closed beta for Xbox One and PS4 we discuss out impressions and experiences. The game surprisingly good, and a step in the right direction. Much has been said about the series going back to it’s roots and away from the Titanfall-esque game play of the last few iterations. This move has definitely paid off in spades. The new multiplayer game type War, which features linear objective based game play, is a huge success and a strength of the game. There are some issues like weapon balancing and field-of-view discrepancies, but they are fixable and hopefully will be addressed before launch.
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