Bungie’s loot grind FPS, Destiny, may have been one of the most divisive games in recent memories. Oozing with potential but routinely falling short, it built up a passionate base of fans and an equally passionate base of detractors. Now three years after Destiny’s release Bungie’s second installment in the series, Destiny 2, is now out. Did Bungie fix the issues that plagued the first game or do they still persist? Listen to our Destiny 2 review to find out!

What’s Inside

  • Destiny 2 Review:¬†Destiny 2 is out! The long awaited sequel released last week and despite a few hiccups at launch it’s been smooth sailing. John, Mark, and Max review the game after spending most of the last week playing. While it’s still not perfect, Destiny 2 is a clear improvement over Destiny 1.
  • Games With Gold:¬†If you’re an Xbox Live Gold Member (and at this point, who isn’t?) you get to download games for free each month. For September we share our thoughts on Battlefield 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Oxenfree, and Hydro Thunder: Hurricane and if they’re worth the download.
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