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The Alpha Build Ep 45: Call of Duty: WW2; Wolfenstein II; Deadliest Character; Assassins Creed: Origins

This holiday season saw the release of many highly anticipated triple-A games. While there are many notable releases, we discuss some of favorites so far including Call of Duty: WW2, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus, and Assassin’s Creed Origins. How...

/ December 19, 2017

The Alpha Build Ep 43: Movies tank this summer; next Bond; CoD: WW2

We experienced record lows in summer movies this year. It had one of the worst slate of movies to release, along with a downturn in tickets sold to go along with it. What’s going on? Daniel Craig is coming back...

/ September 23, 2017
Destiny 2 Review

The Alpha Build Ep 42: Let’s Talk Destiny 2

On this week's episode we have our Destiny 2 review! Did Bungie fix the issues of its predecessor or is it still a battle of fun and frustration? Tune in to find out!

/ September 15, 2017
Gamescom 2017

The Alpha Build Ep 41: Gamescom 2017; Gaming on a budget; Destiny 2 and CoD: WW2

The world’s largest gaming convention, Gamescom 2017, wrapped up in Cologne, Germany this week. While it may not have rivaled E3’s announcements we still got plenty of news. We’ve also got a collection of bargain bin games for you to...

/ September 2, 2017

The Alpha Build 40: Punchin’ Nazis; Deadliest Characters; New GPUs

After the recent tragic events in the US, we took a minute to lighten the mood and discuss our favorite games to beat up on Nazis. Whether it was a classic like Wolfenstein or something more recent like Company of...

/ August 25, 2017
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

The Alpha Build 39: San Diego Comic-Con 2017; Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds; Deadliest Character

San Diego Comic-Con recently wrapped and the with it came a bevy of movie/TV debuted at various panels. The Super Hero movie genre was very well represented with both Marvel and DC showing significant offerings. We were treated to the...

/ August 16, 2017

The Alpha Build 38: E3 2017 part 2; Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and EA press events

E3 2017 wrapped on June 15th and this episode focuses on the Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and EA press conferences. Sony kept a very game-centric show; Opting to minimize speakers on stage and emphasize their games. Among which were some big...

/ July 11, 2017

The Alpha Build 37: E3 2017; Microsoft and Bethesda press events; Xbox One X announced

E3 2017 wrapped on June 15th and this episode focuses on the Microsoft and Bethesda press events. Microsoft showed off the brand new Xbox One X (previously known as Scorpio) and it’s insane native 4K and 60 FPS capabilities. Book-ending...

/ June 20, 2017
Call of Duty: WWII

The Alpha Build 36: Call of Duty: WWII announced; Net Neutrality under assault

Activision unveiled the next installment of the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: WWII. Will the return to WWII refresh the franchise or follow Infinite Warfare's disappointment? Also, FCC set to roll back Net Neutrality protections.

/ April 29, 2017

The Alpha Build 35: The Last Jedi trailer; why does Hollywood keeping whitewashing?

In a rare win for us, The Last Jedi trailer was released before we recorded so the guys spend some timing watching and discussing each frame. Also, why does Hollywood feel the need to keep whitewashing roles? Why isn't there...

/ April 15, 2017