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Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest

The Alpha Build 22: Excited for 2017

It's a new year! For our first episode of 2017 we discuss what games, shows, and movies we're looking forward to the most over the next 12 months.

/ January 7, 2017
Trump's America

The Alpha Build 21: Best of 2016 awards

2016 has (mercifully?) come to an end which means it's time four obligatory arbitrary awards based on what was released over the past year!

/ December 31, 2016
Rogue One

The Alpha Build 20: Rogue One review

In this week's The Alpha Build we've got our review of the newest entry into the Star Wars universe: Rogue One. Does it live up to the hype?

/ December 19, 2016
Mass Effect Andromeda

The Alpha Build 19: Mass Effect, Death Stranding, and guns in gaming

Plenty of trailers to discuss after The Game Awards, including Mass Effect and Death Stranding, plus an in-depth chat about the role of guns in video games.

/ December 9, 2016
Fantastic Beasts review

The Alpha Build 18: The rise of Early Access

Plenty of reviews this week an in-depth look at the increase in Early Access games and the impact they have on the industry.

/ December 2, 2016

The Alpha Build 17: How our perceptions impact a game’s success

Mark and John tackle the issue of how our perceptions of a game or a series can drastically impact the success of a new release. Why did Battlefield 4 have, and grow, an enormous player base while No Man’s Sky...

/ November 25, 2016

The Alpha Build 16: Nintendo Switch price; the rise of e-sports

The Nintendo Switch price info leaks out, but is it too much or just right? We also discuss the challenges that e-sports leagues, like the League of Legends Championship Series, are f犀利士 acing. (more…)

/ November 18, 2016
Titanfall 2 review

The Alpha Build 15: Titanfall 2 review; what is a video game?

Episode 15 is out! This week we pass our judgement on Titanfall 2, try and make sense of Phil Spencer’s latest Project Scorpio comments, and discuss what makes a video game.

/ November 4, 2016
Skyrim Special Edition

The Alpha Build 14: Titanfall 2 preview; is Bethesda anti-consumer?

With Titanfall 2 just about to release, the guys give a quick preview of what to expect from the fast-paced shooter. They also discuss the recent news that Bethesda will no longer provide pre-release copies which means no reviews…unless you’re...

/ October 28, 2016
Battlefield 1

The Alpha Build 13: Battlefield 1; Red Dead Redemption 2; Nintendo Switch

Another fall blockbuster is out! This week we’ve got our review DICE’s latest entry in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1. Talk about the Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement trailer, and what the heck is Nintendo’s new console, the Switch?

/ October 21, 2016