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The Alpha Build 34: Scorpio Details; Ghost In The Shell; Persona 5 and Streamers Rights

This week came with a good amount of news and a significant controversy. Microsoft finally gave us real specs for Project Scorpio. With already high expectations, we go over where it currently lands. We give our review of the new...

/ April 8, 2017

The Alpha Build 33: Destiny 2 Trailer; Game Exclusivity; Starcraft: Remastered

This week we got the official announcement and trailer for Destiny 2, after the leak last week that we covered in our last episode. The trailer also announced that the DLC for Destiny 2 will be PS4 exclusive for the...

/ April 4, 2017

The Alpha Build 32: Mass Effect: Andromeda; Destiny 2 leak

This week heralded the return of the Mass Effect series in the massively anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. How does it hold up after significant play time, especially considering the negative press? And there was a supposed leak of the Destiny...

/ March 27, 2017
Nintendo Switch

The Alpha Build 30: Nintendo Switch Launch; FCC okays privacy invasion

A week after the Nintendo Switch launched has it lived up to expectations now that consumers have it in their hands? And as the FCC continues to evolve under a new administration, Senator Jeff Flake introduces a bill allowing ISPs...

/ March 10, 2017
Xbox Game Pass

The Alpha Build 29: Microsoft unveils Xbox Game Pass; FCC attacks Net Neutrality

In this week's podcast, Microsoft announces an innovative new subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, granting access to their catalog for just $10 a month.

/ March 3, 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Alpha Build 28: Ghost Recon Wildlands; is Doomfist coming to Overwatch?

We weigh in on Ubisoft's highly anticipated Ghost Recon Wildlands, releasing March 7. An updated take on a storied franchise mixing open-world gameplay with more tactical elements. We're hooked.

/ February 25, 2017
Destiny 2

The Alpha Build 27: Call of Duty 2017, Destiny 2, and For Honor

Activision's investor call proved to be an unlikely source of gaming news last week when they dropped hints about the next Call of Duty and Destiny 2.

/ February 18, 2017

The Alpha Build 25: Andromeda trailers; death of Net Neutrality

New FCC chair Ajit Pai will likely kill Net Neutrality and introduce a number of anti-consumer policies.

/ January 29, 2017

The Alpha Build 24: Are video games stagnating?

This week on The Alpha Build we tackle the question of: are video games stagnating? It seems like every new game that comes out has a number attached to the end of it or some subtitle indicating its place in...

/ January 20, 2017

The Alpha Build 23: Nintendo Switch predictions; more Rogue One

We give our predictions about the Nintendo Switch presentation, discuss the news about how Rogue One might have ended, and then chat about the role of AIs like Siri and if we like our home assistants.

/ January 13, 2017